Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Baby GIRL

That's right! A few weeks ago we found out that we are expecting a girl! We are very excited, but we really had no preference either way. We already have her named, but we'll announce that after she arrives. I LOVE the name!! I have to tell you that I have the cutest little profile pic of her that will be posted soon!

I am so happy to be almost 21 weeks now! I really hope the next few weeks fly by! I always knew being pregnant again would have its hard/scarey times as we near the point when we had preterm labor with Tyler. And of course, along with the joys, we have experienced that. I randomly have contractions, sometimes several an hour, that send us to the hospital. Although the hospital trips are tiring, we would much rather stay on the safe side. They are usually able to get the contractions quickly under control with IV fluids. Honestly, we rarely tell anyone when we are enroute to the hospitl these days, as I hate to drag everyone on the roller coaster every time.

I share that with you now for one reason...will you please join us in praying that our sweet little girl stays put for a long while yet, and does not join us until her little body is prepared to? I can't even explain how much those prayers mean to me and Mike. Considering what we've been through, it's just a scarey time for us.

With that in mind, I'm closing this post with the verse I heard on the radio soon before finding out I was pregnant. It's a verse that brings me much peace that I remind myself of again and again...

"Forget the former things; Do not dwell on the past. See? I am doing a NEW thing!"
Isaiah 43:18-19