Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guess What??

Today I'm exactly 28 weeks! Whooo-hoooo!!!!

That means 90% chance survival rate, and less than 20% chance that anything would be wrong with her if she would be born right now. (Which she won't be!)

Many of you knew that 28 weeks was the next milestone that I've been shooting for, so I am SOOOO thankful to be here!

This also means that for the first time ever, I am now in the THIRD TRIMESTER of pregnancy! LOVE it!

Mike and I have really loved feeling her move late at night lately. Actually, forget feeling, we can see her move and roll just by watching my belly. We are amazed at how active and on-the-move she is when she's awake. Last night, I laughed and said I thought she might have "restless leg syndrome." :) Or maybe Daddy's ADHD. (He does't really have that, although I've diagnosed him with it! ;)

So here's to the THIRD TRIMESTER!! Thanks for your prayers and to God for getting us this far. We would appreciate your prayers for continued safety for both this baby and myself. Ideas are also being tossed around about how and when the next c-section should be scheduled. There are a lot of factors that go into it, so we would also really appreciate prayers for that as well!

Thanks and love to all!

(Love this song, by the way...can you hear it? Although she will never be "the only one." Tyler will always be a part of our family too.)