Friday, January 1, 2010

The Birth Story (Part I)

Last week, our lives changed forever...

The amnio from Monday did show our baby's lungs to be mature. We were then told to call in the next morning at 5:30 am to find out the open time for a c-section that day. We were so excited that night before, I don't think we slept a wink. We got to the hospital about 7 am, for my surgery scheduled for 9 am. Again, so eager, nervous, excited...knowing we'd be meeting our baby girl that day!

Our ride to the hospital was still in darkness, as it was so early. I couldn't help but remember an early morning two years ago, when we drove the same route, at the same time, for very different reasons. We drove then to say we were going to meet someone for the first time!

We got to labor and delivery, this time in all smiles. So many false labor trips and scary runs to the same department these past months, and now we were celebrating that we made it. I not only made it to my third trimester...but also made it to something that seemed like a luxury to me...a scheduled, planned surgery date.

Sinking in... we made it....thank you, God!

Remember that sidenote prayer request I mentioned before? The one how Mike and I dreamed to be in the OR together this time? We found out it was going to be a last minute decision that morning after the anesthesiologist met me and assessed my scholiosis. We were mentally prepared for that to go either way. He looked at my back, and said it would probably take more than one attempt for the spinal...he guessed five attempts to possibly find the right spot. FIVE attempts at sticking a giant needle into my spine?? Not the best news, but we were very relieved he was going to at least try.

Surgeon came in as well as the resident, introduced themselves, checked out my previous incision. Did the ultrasound to check location of placenta, etc...

We were getting closer...

They left and the nurse started the IV fluids. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it! She said the doctor was almost ready for me.

The anesthesiologist and a couple assistants came in to walk me down to the OR. Said goodbye and kissed Mike...hoping I'd see him in a few minutes.

The doctor took my arm and we made our way down the long hall toward the OR. Straight ahead at the end of the hall were the double doors which led to the NICU... a walk Mike and I took many times from where I stood.

Full circle.

I think I mentioned that in a previous post. Everyone says this must be so bittersweet for us. It's not, really. It's a feeling of every sorrow coming back around and ending in joy for us... a full circle of events.

We walked into the OR. I saw the window in the room the nurses used to hand Tyler into the NICU. More tears tried to come.... Come on, hasn't even started yet! Hold 'em back... Soo wished Mike was in there.

Time to try the spinal. Please, God, let this work. I sat up on the table, leaned forward...well as forward as possible with the giant beach ball of a belly I had. The anesthesiologist was pinching vertebraes to find the right placement. Little pinch from the shot used to numb the area.

Now time for the spinal.

Lean forward more, more...

More pinching.

Spinal needle going in. Sooo cold in that room. Stop shaking, Jenn! He's got to get this...

Done! He said he was sure he got the right spot. A few seconds, then tingling began in my toes.

They said Mike would be in soon!!

Ohhh, sweet relief! Thank you, Heavenly Father. The first part of our dream is coming true right now....

We would see our Baby Girl for the first time together.

(Part II coming shortly!)


bre said...

Jenn- WOW! That was beautiful and amazing and I am so happy for you. Praise the Lord!

michelle said...

beautiful!!! i know the outcome, but i can't wait for part II just to read your words. love you, sis!!! and, i love little lexi!!!

Anonymous said...

Jen, tears of joy ran down my face as I read your post. I have been praying for you all along. I am so glad that God blessed you with such a beautiful girl. I will continue to pray for your family!

Michelle Martin

Derek and Debbie said...

So thankful he got to be in there with you. God is good. Rejoicing with you all.

Lydia Brown said...

Oh, girl, I couldn't stop reading!!! I can't wait to hear the rest! It brought back many wonderful memories for me of both my babies and the c-section experiences. I praise God for answering our prayers for you and Mike to experience the delivery together. Seriously, Jenn, you should consider writing a book. God has done something amazing here through both your babies your lives and your testimony. I personally think there are many more people out there who could be encouraged and experience healing by how God has worked in your life. Again, just personal opinion, and I know you have a LOT on your hands right now, but perhaps something to pray about for the future. Enjoy your beautiful Lexi!