Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Beginnings!

Alexis Faith
December 22, 2009
Born 37 weeks
8 pounds, 13 ounces
21 inches
Our Best Christmas Gift Ever!!
(Read below for Birth Story: Part I)


Jess said...

She is so adorable!!!! Just beautiful! Love that pic. Merry Christmas, Lexi!!!!!

Holly C. said...

So happy for you!

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

Beth Johnson said...

She is beautiful. So glad your (and mine, even though I only know you from this blog, I have prayed many prayers for you) prayers were answered. Our God is so good, all the time. Looking forward to the next post.

Jennifer (Grow) S said...

Congratulations Jenn (and Mike)! I am so happy for you... I have heard your story 'through the grapevine', but had not read your blog. You are a beautiful writer - on yours and Missy's site. I am so glad you are sharing your story of God's AMAZING Grace! Keep on!

Jodie said...

she is absolutely gorgeous....i think she looks like her daddy...tell him to love it now, they change their looks so quickly......soooo happy for you....i have followed your blog thanks to carrie mcintire. God is good. thanks for sharing.

~Cherie said...

We couldn't be happier for you and your husband. She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~Andy and Vonetta Walsh

Carrie McIntire said...

Mike & Jenn,
Lexi is absolutely beautiful. I am so extremely excited and happy for the both of you.
God Bless You

The Burgess Family said...

YAH YAH YAH YAH!!! Congrats to you and Mike! She is soooo pretty!! What a great way to end one year and start another one!

Renee said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while so it was such a wonderful surprise to see that she finally arrived safe and sound. She is so beautiful! I lost my sweet Sophie at birth before you lost your sweet little boy and now I am due with number 3 in Feb! God works miracles! I healed more in the first minutes of Landry's(my now two year old) life than I did in the almost two years it took to get her here. Hearing her voice was like an angel singing and I know that you felt the same jubilation when you heard your sweet girl for the first time. Congrats to you both! I tear up thinking about someone else feeling those same feelings I did. A new day...a new chapter!

Kristi said...

Alexis is so beautiful. You made it! You did it! She has such a special angel looking over her. Wishing you the very best in this special newborn time. I love how in your previous post that you said this was not bittersweet, but full circle. You are so right. You put something into words that I never could. Thank you for that.


Stephanie said...

I am soooo happy for you! What a sweet blessing! Looking forward to reading more about her!

Stacy said...

Jenn -
I randomly came across your blog while skipping through blogs. I have read your entire blog while my sweet baby girl naps. Your family amazes me, your faith is totally awesome. I hope you don't mind a total stranger following along with you! Your baby girl is a year younger than mine, and our pregnancies sound like they were very identical. Many hugs to you as you love on your baby girl! ~ Stacy

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and what a beautiful blog. Your faith and courage is inspiring. You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily. Sissy sure does miss her little girl!

(Winston Salem)